Structured Play Environment

  Outdoor Play Yard 

Feeding at Owners Request

The Lead the Way Team will evaluate your Dog at drop off of their first visit to determine if they will be able to engage in structured play environment, daily socials, etc.


1,000 sq. Feet of indoor play/exercise area! 

Daycare around Holidays are scheduled to change. Call or Email for more information.

Daycare Drop-off M-F

5 Days a Week 

*Call, text or email to schedule a time to drop off today 614-314-9090 or*

Daycare Pickup M- F

5 Days a Week 

*Call, text or email to schedule a time to pick up today 614-314-9090 or*

Proof of updated vaccinations (All shots must be in dog's systems 2 weeks prior to drop off)

All General Vaccines which include:

  • Boardatella
  • Flu Vaccine (Influenza Vaccine)
  • Rabbies
  • Flea Tick
  • Heat Worm

Please bring food in an airtight container, clearly labeled with your dog's name.

$30 Per Day
$5 Discount for each additional Dog

For the safety of our pack, we require all females 6 months and older to be spayed and all males 12 months or older to be neutered if staying or playing at Lead the Way

Dogs that have any aggressive behaviors or a bite history cannot attend Boarding or Daycare. Dog's must be okay around new people (Strangers) and other dogs.

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