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If you need someone to teach your dog obedience training and structure with a balanced approach Lead the Way K9 Training in Delaware, Ohio is the right training facility to trust. Please read our client’s reviews to learn more about our trainer and the services we offer.

Client Reviews

We highly recommend Lead the Way K9 Training! Our 6-month-old chocolate lab just spent 2 weeks with them and did extremely well! Brutus had a little trouble with "counter surfing" and taking food right out of kids hands. After 2 weeks at Lead the Way K9 Training Brutus is able to stay in a designated place while we prepare and eat our meals, snacks etc! He has not even attempted to go near the counters or our table. During his go home training session Brittany was able to even wave a plate of food in front of his face and he did not pay a bit of attention to it or try to take it. They then left it lay on a table or on the ground and continued talking and going over Training and the same thing, paid no attention to it. Brutus also does amazing on walks in our busy neighborhood. He auto sits when we stop, heels well and is not distracted by other dogs, children, animals, etc. He sits and waits to enter a door or to exit. Brutus' improved manner will allow us to take him with us to more baseball games, trips to the lake, etc. and enjoy every aspect of having a dog that truly is part of our family! Thank Josh and Brittany!

The Eichel Family - Lewis Center, Ohio

We highly recommend Lead the Way!! Brittany and Josh worked wonders with our very hyper, stubborn and smart 8-month-old Blue Heeler Tito.
Before Lead the Way: Tito was quite the force to be reckoned with. His high energy and smarts made it very difficult for us to enjoy our dog. On walks, Tito would bark and pull and jump like crazy if any person or dog walked by. In the house, he would constantly jump on people, run, chew, counter surf .. just about every bad behavior you can think of Tito had mastered. Even if we took him to the park or ran him for hours it seemed his energy never went down. He rarely listened to us. It got to the point where we dreaded taking him out and felt nervous to have our friends over.
After Lead the Way: We have had Tito home for a few weeks now and are overjoyed with the results! Brittany and Josh ensured we had all the tools we needed during the go home session to continue to see Tito succeed at home and he truly is a different dog. Since having him home, we have been able to take him to busy parks, long walks and he is so calm and doesn't react at all! We have even been able to put him in "place" at a busy park and he stayed there contently while we studied. At home, he is listening and we've been able to have company over without Tito jumping and barking all over them! The "place" command has been amazing! Brittany taught us that Tito learning to calm down was actually more work for him than "running it out" and that has proven to be true.  Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Lead the Way!!! My husband and I agree, it was the best money we have ever spent!

Tito and Family - Columbus, OH

Our very large golden doodle, Griffey, just returned from a 2-week board and train session. Griffey was very difficult to control on walks and was a jumper - 120 pounds was way too big for that! Brittany and Josh gave us a calm, well trained, Griffey in return. We are able to take walks, have visitors, and enjoy a relaxed, calm, well-mannered dog around the house. We can't thank them enough for training Griffey and us! This was a life changer for all of us - THANK YOU!

- Griffey and Family - Westerville, OH

I can't thank Lead The Way enough for what they've done for my baby Bostons. Their transformation has been beyond my expectations. My Bonnie & Clyde were bad to the bone, and now they are just amazing to be around. They're still the same loving puppies, but they were given the structure they needed to come home. I would recommend this business to absolutely anyone. Thank you SO SO much!

-Bonnie & Clyde with their Owner and Trainer Brittany - Sunbury, OH

We are so thankful for everything that Brittany did with our nuggets! They are so much calmer now and we are all so much less stressed when taking walks, going to the pet store and even to the dog park. They know how to stay calm and pay attention to us now instead of other dogs and people (distractions)! Even when we're at home they understand that being inside is the time to be calm and staying in "place" can help them achieve that. Thank you, Brittany! You are wonderful.

- Sarah Schneider (Pictured Right) - Columbus, OH

My 6-month-old Boston Terrier/Bulldog mix Payton went to Lead the Way K9 training for 2 weeks and returned SO well behaved and truly just a different puppy in the best way. I cannot say enough positive things about the experience. Every day, Brittany posted pictures and videos of Payton's progress and it was so fun to follow along with her and made it much more bearable to be away from her for 2 weeks!

Payton learned to stay, sit, down, place, and how to be MUCH better on her leash. She no longer drags me along like she used to and walking with her is notably better and more structured. Even feeding her and having her out of her crate in the house is so much calmer vs. the hectic way it used to be with her sprinting around and me chasing her down. We are so pleased and this program was more than worth the cost, our dog is so well behaved and happy. Thank you for everything Lead the Way! :):)

-Payton's Dad pictured with Payton, Columbus, OH

Thank you so much for this amazing training! Koda is home and our older dog Vida is already learning "place" duration along with Koda. AMAZING! They are so calm and cool! Truly a blessing! Thank you so much for all that you do!

- Ken

Hi Brittany. Koda is doing well. He is getting lots of practice and our dog Vida is following his lead. We had no idea our little guy was an Alpha dog. Both dogs are now very enjoyable to walk with using the heel command. Both dogs are practicing the place command with treat distraction right now. This is unreal for us and we are very pleased with how well behaved Koda and now Vida are post LeadtheWay training.

Text from owners of Koda, Ken & Leslie - Lewis Center, Ohio

After almost a week at home, Molly is doing great! It's such a pleasure to go for a walk with no pulling and no jerking off to the side. She's handled all our neighborhood distractions really well. When the neighbors Jack Russel goes crazy barking Molly just sits and watches him. Thanks for all your hard work Brittany and Josh!

- Bob Campbell (Pictured right with Wife Barbra and Mini Doodle Molly) Westerville, Ohio

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