Puppy Board & Train Program


7 Days - 7 Nights = $999

In this program, your dog will learn the following skills and commands:

  • Walk politely with you on leash (we will eliminate pulling, barking, excitable behavior)
  • Sit/Stay
  • Down/Stay
  • Place Command
  • Intro to Recall/Come
  • Duration Work (long stays with distractions)
  • Crate Training
  • Waiting for food
  • Waiting at Thresholds (doors, car, crate, etc.)
  • Includes prong/training collar

Puppy Training Program Skills

While enjoying our structured program of regular play and exercise, your pup will experience a regular schedule of training that will instill and reinforce the basic foundations of obedience. This includes walking politely on a leash (no pulling, tugging, or biting) and following commands (sit, place, down). Also included are crate and potty training, waiting for you to proceed past thresholds, like doorways, cars, etc., waiting for food without jumping and barking, and appropriate socialization and play with other dogs.

Benefits of the Puppy Board and Train Program

Consistency is the key to puppy training. With Lead the Way K9 Training program's 7-day model, your pup will receive the constant reinforcement necessary to success—and we don't stop there. In addition to a 30-minute consultation upon drop off, we provide a twohour go-home session to help you transition your pup's new skill set to the home. Each puppy receives a prong/training collar. At the end of the training, you'll have an obedient, responsive pup that will provide you and your family with a lifetime of companionship. Also, all graduated pups have access to our structured daycare and boarding services to continue their training when available.

We are so pleased with the care and training Rocket received at Lead the Way. We can now go outside, without worrying about him barking at the neighbors, or taking off after other dogs. We can open any door and not worry he's going to bolt out the door. We actually had dinner on the table with nobody in the dining room, and he didn't try to get on the table to get any food. We had visitors, and didn't have to talk over his barking. Very happy we took this step for his safety and our peace of mind. Thank you so much Brittany and Josh.

- Stephanie of Cincinnati, Ohio

Josh and Brittany were fantastic with our YorkiePoo, Murphy. In their puppy training, our high energy pup learned place duration over 60 minutes. I would never have thought it possible! Walks are simple and enjoyable now because he is great at heeling and auto sit. We still have lots to work on with Murphy, but Brittany gave us all the tools we need at our go home session to take it from where they left off and we hope to get him back for their e-collar training soon as well. We would definitely recommend Lead the Way K9 Training to anyone! They take exceptional care of your dog while they are there and even provide pictures and video updates for you during your pet's stay. These guys are the real deal and worth every penny! Thank you, Josh and Brittany!!

- Leigh of Dublin Ohio Review

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