During the go home session we always tell our client’s you must set the tone right away once back at home for your dog. Every dog will transition differently when back at home, but most will try and test their owners. Dogs that are pushy, bratty and tend to have always gotten their way before training might just see if that is still possible when they get back home from training. This is why it is so important to lead your dog and set the tone immediately and often for your dog.


Your dog will start respecting you when you show that you are the leader in the relationship. Dogs like people need structure, boundaries and want to be led. The more you work with your dog the better your bond, and relationship will be as well as improving your dog’s behavior. Staying consistent in your leadership and making your dog accountable for their behavior, will help your dog be more well behaved and obedient as well as respectful of your relationship.


Always Lead the Way!

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